30 june - 16 july 2015

Marina di Gioiosa Ionica / Gioiosa Ionica (RC) - ITALY

Part of the european program of international exchange Erasmus+ the project SANDTHEATERS will be an exchange of knowledge and experience between the groups who partecipate.


SANDTHEATERS is a residential workshop to exchange in the field of Performing Arts, especially Theatre & Dance. Will take place in Italy, in Marina di Gioiosa Ionica (RC) from 30 june to 16 july. The main purpose is to build a close relationship of cooperation, transmission and exchange between participants. Groups from Italy, Slovakia, Estonia, UK, Finland will meet to make a creative workshop aimed to transform, invent, and develop common ideas, with the intention also to meet new companions. The general theme is "Sea and Mountains Legends", from the different countries of origin. The workshops will be directed and coordinated by professionals from the various participating groups: actors, directors and dancers, performers and artists, diverse for geographical origin and artistic experience. During the project will be explored, through techniques and different approaches, various aspects of the cultures and traditions of the countries of origin. The project will conclude with a presentation of performances in the program of 2 days of Theatre Festival. The aim of the project is also to promote the discovery of performing Arts as engines for the individual and collective transformation, to develop a shared identity and enhancement of personal peculiarities, against isolation, intolerance and the indifference.